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Notable Performances

Highlights of Zubin Khetani's career as a Performing Artist. These performances have all been distinct in their devising methods, some focused on Method and Realism and others emphasized techniques of physical theatre and movement.  

Zubin Dumb Waiter.png

Close / Dumb Waiter

Directed by Aditee Biswas

Bhikhari B.A. Pass

A Solo Performance. Mentored by Ashwini Giri

Zubin Solo1.jpg
Wang Chut Cast.jpg

Wang Chu

Directed by Chittaranjan Giri

Unheard Echoes

Directed by Aditee Biswas

Ram Sajeevan.jpg

Ram Sajeevan Ki Prem Katha

Directed by Chittaranjan Giri


A Short Film Directed by Amarnath Duleep & Siddhant Kalra

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