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Zubin Khetani

Committed to sustainably developing the performing arts experience for both- artists and audiences, Zubin has been engaged with theatre in diverse capacities. An alumnus of Goldsmiths, University of London, and the FLAME School of Performing Arts, he has learnt from and collaborated with stalwarts of the theatre circuit. Since 2016, he has shape-shifted as performer, director and manager with various theatre ensembles of India.

His methodology emphasizes interdisciplinary collaboration and devising strategies for developing diverse audiences. Respecting the artistic labour that goes into every step of creating work and never allowing the commodification of these efforts, are crucial to his practice.

At Goldsmiths, he obtained a Masters in Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship; specializing in the development of Theatre and Performance organizations. His research focused on Interdisciplinary Practice and Sustainable Performance in a Globalized World.

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