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A short film directed by Amarnath Duleep and Siddhant Kalra, Pagalpan is an absurd short film set in a mental facility in a dystopian timeline. 

The film follows a bizarre interaction Nikhil- a former rebel, and Avinash. Through this episode Nikhil recounts to Avinash the traumatic experiences of war and the torture that he was subjected towards. 


Nikhil- Zubin Khetani

Avinash- Manav Kambli

Doctor- Satish Kumar

Guards- Dinesh, Vignesh

Cinematography- Sujay Iyer

Editing- Amarnath Duleep

Sound Design- Isaac Thannikal

Costume and Make-up- Nikita Neti

Directed by Amarnath Duleep and Siddhant Kalra  

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