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Unheard Echoes.jpg

Unheard Echoes

Unheard Echoes was an Immersive Theatrical experience composed of a montage of site specific sequences across the campus of FLAME (Foundation for Liberal and Management Education), Pune. 

The sequences were inspired from episodes of the epic- Mahabharata. They featured stylised movement, vocals and costumes. 

Developed under the mentorship of Aditee Biswas the performances were devised using Anne Bogart's Viewpoints System, and Principles of the Natyashastra.



Zubin Khetani, Satish Kumar, S. Vignesh, Miles Lobo, Nikhil Kedia, Akansha Chauhan, Nitin Joshi

Light Design- Aniket Kale   

Directed and Mentored by Aditee Biswas

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