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Directed by Chittaranjan Giri. Rangayug

We have seen, heard and read about the many forms of Krishna - he has been illustrated as The Lord, Lover, the Friend, the Politician, etc.
However, delving into the depths of Krishna’s life reveals that he has been persistently faced with conflict and dilemma at every turn of life. In each of these episodes he has harmoniously overcome the conflict and his extraordinary understanding and sensibilities have prevailed.
Krishna had relations with many prominent women of his time - most prominently, Radha, Meera, Draupadi, Yashodha, Kunti, Gandhari, etc. These were multi-faceted relationships, and Hindu mythology often doesn’t give names to many of them. Albeit, each of these relationships was deep, layered and unique in its nature.
This performance explores the identity of Krishna and the nuances of the relationships he shared with various women of the time. It raises questions and looks for new angles with which one can look at these relationships.
Venunaad’ uses excerpts from the poem ‘Kanupriya’ and the play ‘Andha Yug’ as a handrail on which the performance is developed. Both, ‘Kanupriya’ and ‘Andha Yug’ are acclaimed works written by Dharamvir Bharati, an iconic figure of Hindi literature.

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