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Tulsi ki mala_ Mastar Kashitai

Tulsi Ki Mala

Directed by Aniruddha Khutwad. Theatre Space, Pune

The Warkari are a community whose principles and beliefs guide them towards a highly simplistic lifestyle. They wear a thread (maala) of ‘Tulsi’ around their neck to mark their absolute devotion to Lord Vitthal- Pandurang. Annually they make a pilgrimage from the holy town of Alandi to Pandharpur, a 400 year old tradition.
Set in the context of this pilgrimage, ‘Tulsi ki Mala’ takes us on a journey with the Warkari pilgrims. Through this journey we meet Mastar and Kashitai, each coming from two separate worlds of personal problems and lifestyles; yet every year, they share a part of their lives with one another through their pilgrimage.

The play is a window into this fragile relationship of Mastar and Kashitai framed in an environment moulded by the Warkari pilgrims and their culture. The performance is accompanied with live Warkari Folk songs (Abhangas) and slide projections showcasing photographs from the Waari (pilgrimage).

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