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A Sickness

A play inspired by the stylistic elements of Theatre of Cruelty

Media in this play is referred to as a Sickness. All the situations depicted in this play were taken from real life cases and accidents. Taking one boy as the protagonist, the play revolves around the confrontation between him and all the characters and elements of Media that have influenced him. The production follows Artaud’s First Manifesto of cruelty, detailed in Theatre and its Double.


Joker- Zubin Khetani

Boy- Hriday Jotsinghani

Crazy Gamer- Karan Iyer

Superman- Hiranya Nayyar

Girl- Himanshi Kampani

Phantom- Prannay Sastri

Production Mentor and Light Design- Neha Lodhiya

Production Devised and Directed by Zubin Khetani

A sickness_wrapped
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